Monthly Archives: June 2008

Spiceworks 3.0 is GA. IT’s even easier for 350,000 SMB IT Pros.

After 2 months of beta testing with over 2,500 Spiceworks users we released the Spiceworks 3.0 GA bits last night to about 5,000 users and as I write this we’re releasing another 5,000. We’ll keep throttling this throughout the weekend and we’ll open it completely early next week. We meter it our over a few […]

Spiceworks in London: Listening to the UK’s SMEs

I was in London last week meeting with advertisers, partners, and press and on Thursday I had a chance to grab a couple of pints with a few Spiceworks users. Since our inception over two years ago we often meet our users at their offices, a conference, or (twist my arm) a bar or pub, […]

Why did we choose the SMB market?

We get asked all the time – why did you choose to focus on the SMB market? After all, common wisdom says to develop products for the Enterprise. They’re an easier market to reach and the cost of sale per revenue dollar is much lower. Add to this our background in big Enterprise systems management […]