Monthly Archives: February 2009

Spiceworks 3.6: Even Snappier!

Just a little over a month after we released Spiceworks 3.5, we released Spiceworks 3.6 this week.  The Spiceworks 3.6 reviews from our users are very positive and as always we appreciate the feedback! Why did we release 3.6 so quickly after 3.5?  Quite simply we had over 50 improvements and bug fixes we wanted […]

The Next Wave – Changing How We Work!

Well its official – Web 2.0 is dead.  Ok, not really dead, but the wave has crested.  At least that’s what the industry insiders are saying.  From TechCrunch, to CNET, to Sand Hill Road – the consensus seems to be that the 2nd wave of the internet has reached its peak and is waning.   Now […]