Monthly Archives: April 2009

Step IT Up with Spiceworks Pepper Levels.

Over the past 15 months the Spiceworks IT community has really taken off.  It hit ‘critical mass’ when we passed 250,000 users in January 2008 and activity in the community shifted from primarily Spiceworks support to a much broader discussion about IT in small- and medium-businesses.   Since then usage has exploded as we’ve grown […]

The Cathedral and the Bazaar Revisited

It’s been over 10 years since Eric Raymond wrote his essay on software development models in The Cathedral and the Bazaar. According to him the cathedral model is a traditional development model where developers work for long periods in isolation before finally releasing the software to the user community. Users typically have only a cursory […]

SpiceWorld Boston: Taking IT on the Road

Back in December I said that we wanted to hold a series of “SpiceCamps” — regional one-day, hands-on, Spiceworks training sessions — around the world in 2009.  The SpiceHeads that came to Spiceworld Austin 2008 loved that they got to meet each other, interact with Spiceworkers, and hone their IT and Spiceworks skills.  So we […]