Monthly Archives: November 2009

Greening the Planet One SMB at a Time (and saving $ too!)

When we started Spiceworks four years ago our goal was simple but audacious: simplify IT for the world’s 5 million SMB IT pros, the heroes who keep the world’s accounting firms, manufacturers, schools, churches, car dealerships, hotels, and so much more running smoothly.  When we interviewed them they wanted software to make managing their networks […]

SpiceWorld 2009: 13,000 SpiceHeads, The Spicies & 100 Free IT Apps

Like everyone that was at SpiceWorld 2009 October 22-23 in Austin (our 2nd annual user, er “SpiceHead”, conference) I’m just now coming down from the buzz that is SpiceWorld.  For two days (two and a half if you count the opening night shindig at the newly remodeled Cedar Door… which now feels like a ski […]