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Spiceworks Raises $16M

I’d hoped to get this blog posted before the news broke, but Techcrunch got the drop on me J.  No matter – its out now so let me be the second to tell you … we just closed a  $16M series C funding round led by Institutional Venture Partners.  You can read more about the […]

The Next Wave – Changing How We Work!

Well its official – Web 2.0 is dead.  Ok, not really dead, but the wave has crested.  At least that’s what the industry insiders are saying.  From TechCrunch, to CNET, to Sand Hill Road – the consensus seems to be that the 2nd wave of the internet has reached its peak and is waning.   Now […]

A Different Kind of Fanatical Support

Rackspace, a long time partner of Spiceworks, has a great tag line: “Experience Fanatical Support”.  It’s not just a marketing slogan – its well deserved.  They are legend for the responsiveness and dedication they provide to their customers.  We know, many of our users are customers of Rackspace and give their service top ratings in […]

Sometimes You Make a Mistake — Just Say So

Every now and again you screw up.  When you do you should just say so. Companies, like people, are not perfect.  They do their best, and sometimes they make mistakes.  When they do they should just admit it, fix the mistake and move on.   That has always been our philosophy at Spiceworks.  Well now its […]

Spiceworks’ Mission – Simplifying Everything IT

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably been following Spiceworks for a while. You know what we do: build simple, yet powerful, network management software. You know who we do it for: IT Pros in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). And most of all – you know what we charge for it: nothing, it’s […]

The Buzz on Release 3.0

Its been 10 days since we released Spiceworks 3.0 and I thought you might be interested in how the update to 3.0 is coming along. Due to the high demand we metered out the updates over the first week. I’m happy to say that during last week almost half of our 350,000 users got updated. […]

Why did we choose the SMB market?

We get asked all the time – why did you choose to focus on the SMB market? After all, common wisdom says to develop products for the Enterprise. They’re an easier market to reach and the cost of sale per revenue dollar is much lower. Add to this our background in big Enterprise systems management […]