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Spiceworks 4.5 – Freeing Larger Networks Around the World

Can you believe it?!  Over 10,000 companies with more than 500 employees use Spiceworks.   For the past year we suggested it was designed for companies with fewer than 500 devices on our website.  Prior to January 2009 we suggested fewer than 250.   Well later today when we release Spcieworks 4.5 we’re doing something […]

Spiceworks 4.1: It’s Everything IT

Less than two months after releasing Spiceworks 4.0 we’ve released Spiceworks 4.1.  That would be our 16th release in three years (and I’m not counting the 20+ community releases).  Summer vacation?  What’s that? Spiceworks 4.1 included 183 fixes, changes and new features, 159 of which we’ve documented in our 4.1 release notes. If you’ve used […]

Spiceworks 3.6: Even Snappier!

Just a little over a month after we released Spiceworks 3.5, we released Spiceworks 3.6 this week.  The Spiceworks 3.6 reviews from our users are very positive and as always we appreciate the feedback! Why did we release 3.6 so quickly after 3.5?  Quite simply we had over 50 improvements and bug fixes we wanted […]

Spiceworks 3.5: Ready for bigger networks… and still free!

Last night we quietly released the Spiceworks IT Desktop version 3.5 on our website.  Why quietly?  When you have over 500,000 users you have to start thinking about server load a lot more than when you only had 50,000 users!  We’ll ramp up notifications on 3.5 to our users over the next few days. So, […]

A Different Kind of Fanatical Support

Rackspace, a long time partner of Spiceworks, has a great tag line: “Experience Fanatical Support”.  It’s not just a marketing slogan – its well deserved.  They are legend for the responsiveness and dedication they provide to their customers.  We know, many of our users are customers of Rackspace and give their service top ratings in […]

Crowdsourcing IT — The Power of 400,000 Small Business CIOs

On Wednesday we announced three new “crowdsourcing” features in Spiceworks: Shared Advice & Best Practices, Best Products & Services, and Shared Reports. They went live late last night thanks to the efforts of our great development team. We’ve already seen great coverage of the news in Inc., MarketWatch, and bMighty, showing there is a lot […]

Spiceworks 3.0 is GA. IT’s even easier for 350,000 SMB IT Pros.

After 2 months of beta testing with over 2,500 Spiceworks users we released the Spiceworks 3.0 GA bits last night to about 5,000 users and as I write this we’re releasing another 5,000. We’ll keep throttling this throughout the weekend and we’ll open it completely early next week. We meter it our over a few […]