Spiceworks 4.1: It’s Everything IT

Less than two months after releasing Spiceworks 4.0 we’ve released Spiceworks 4.1.  That would be our 16th release in three years (and I’m not counting the 20+ community releases).  Summer vacation?  What’s that? Spiceworks 4.1 included 183 fixes, changes and new features, 159 of which we’ve documented in our 4.1 release notes. If you’ve used […]

The Heroes Who Help Us Crowdsource Support, Product Management, and Marketing

Two weeks ago at Spiceworld 2008 we announced that we had passed our 500,000th SMB IT pro using Spiceworks.  That’s frankly pretty staggering.  500,000 people in 194 countries (just about every country in the world depending on whose list you use) joining the Spiceworks IT Network and using our software to help simplify their IT […]

Spiceworks’ September Blur

Wow, here it is October 23 and SpiceWorld 2008, our inaugural worldwide user conference, is about to kick off (we had our pre-party tonight) and I haven’t written anything in our blog for almost two months.  Where has the time gone???  Never mind the apparent financial and economic  meltdown around us, we’ve been so busy we […]

Spiceworks’ Mission – Simplifying Everything IT

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably been following Spiceworks for a while. You know what we do: build simple, yet powerful, network management software. You know who we do it for: IT Pros in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). And most of all – you know what we charge for it: nothing, it’s […]

Spiceworks in London: Listening to the UK’s SMEs

I was in London last week meeting with advertisers, partners, and press and on Thursday I had a chance to grab a couple of pints with a few Spiceworks users. Since our inception over two years ago we often meet our users at their offices, a conference, or (twist my arm) a bar or pub, […]