Bringing IT Together! SpiceWorld, SpiceCamps & more.

SpiceWorld 2008, our first annual user conference, wrapped up over a month ago … and we’re still catching up and planning the follow-up and more! So, how was it?  In our humble opinion, a raging success.  We brought over 150 users, partners, advertisers and employees together for 40 hours of fun, learning, and 100% SMB […]

The Heroes Who Help Us Crowdsource Support, Product Management, and Marketing

Two weeks ago at Spiceworld 2008 we announced that we had passed our 500,000th SMB IT pro using Spiceworks.  That’s frankly pretty staggering.  500,000 people in 194 countries (just about every country in the world depending on whose list you use) joining the Spiceworks IT Network and using our software to help simplify their IT […]

2008 Spicies Awards – Honoring the Hottest of IT!

On Saturday morning at SpiceWorld 2008 we wrapped up with the “awards and giveaways” (who doesn’t love a raffle?) section. We started with the Spicies — our new award to honor the hottest technologies for SMBs, along with the funniest moments in IT humor, and the best of the Spiceworks users (this was tough as […]

Spiceworks’ September Blur

Wow, here it is October 23 and SpiceWorld 2008, our inaugural worldwide user conference, is about to kick off (we had our pre-party tonight) and I haven’t written anything in our blog for almost two months.  Where has the time gone???  Never mind the apparent financial and economic  meltdown around us, we’ve been so busy we […]

SpiceWorld 2008: The First All SMB IT Conference

On Tuesday we announced SpiceWorld 2008 — the first SMB IT conference designed specifically for IT pros in companies with fewer than 250 employees.  We’re keeping it small (only 200 people), funky (it’s at Austin’s Alamo Drafhouse Cinema), and cheap (only $250). What else would you expect from the company that figured out how to bring […]