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Spiceworks 4.7: Small Release, Big Impact on IT

Late last week we released Spiceworks 4.7.  Throughout this week we emailed SpiceHeads around the world to let them know it was available.  Nic covered all of the details in the community.  On the surface Spiceworks 4.7 is a ‘smaller’ release.  That is, it doesn’t have 8 new features and 100’s of bug fixes that […]

Spiceworks at Interop: Then and Now

What a difference two years make!  Two years ago Spiceworks was only two years old.  While we were growing rapidly, people — IT pros and marketers alike — weren’t quite sure what to make of us.  Would we be the ‘interesting’ company that disappeared with the impending ad bust?  (For context, in May of ’08 […]

Bringing the Rackspace Cloud into Spiceworks

Earlier today we announced a significant integration partnership with Rackspace, our friends 90 miles down I-35.   Spiceworks’ 950,000 IT pros can now manage Rackspace email cloud services from within the Spiceworks application (4.7 Beta — it will become generally available later this week). The first version of this integration will show managed domains, service […]

The State of SMB IT: April 2010

It’s hard to believe we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2010.  It’s also hard to believe we haven’t had a post on the SpiceBlog for over 3 months.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  First, we’ve been really busy at Spiceworks News and our intent is to merge that and the blog […]

Spiceworks 4.5 – Freeing Larger Networks Around the World

Can you believe it?!  Over 10,000 companies with more than 500 employees use Spiceworks.   For the past year we suggested it was designed for companies with fewer than 500 devices on our website.  Prior to January 2009 we suggested fewer than 250.   Well later today when we release Spcieworks 4.5 we’re doing something […]

Greening the Planet One SMB at a Time (and saving $ too!)

When we started Spiceworks four years ago our goal was simple but audacious: simplify IT for the world’s 5 million SMB IT pros, the heroes who keep the world’s accounting firms, manufacturers, schools, churches, car dealerships, hotels, and so much more running smoothly.  When we interviewed them they wanted software to make managing their networks […]

SpiceWorld 2009: 13,000 SpiceHeads, The Spicies & 100 Free IT Apps

Like everyone that was at SpiceWorld 2009 October 22-23 in Austin (our 2nd annual user, er “SpiceHead”, conference) I’m just now coming down from the buzz that is SpiceWorld.  For two days (two and a half if you count the opening night shindig at the newly remodeled Cedar Door… which now feels like a ski […]

“Social IT”: Sharing Accelerates in the Spiceworks IT Network

Increasingly SpiceHeads refer to Spiceworks as the “Facebook of IT”: the place where they do their job and connect with other IT pros like them.  To us, that is the ultimate validation of what we have been working on which we somewhat academically call a “social business application”.  Social business apps have three ingredients (industry […]

Listen to the Voice of IT – Spiceworks’ New IT Market Research Program

This morning Spiceworks released the results of our first comprehensive survey of our users (IT pros in SMBs with typically fewer than 500 employees each).   It’s the State of SMB IT 08.2009 and it summarizes where SMB IT is going.  We conducted the survey in late July and early August so the results are […]

Spiceworks 4.1: It’s Everything IT

Less than two months after releasing Spiceworks 4.0 we’ve released Spiceworks 4.1.  That would be our 16th release in three years (and I’m not counting the 20+ community releases).  Summer vacation?  What’s that? Spiceworks 4.1 included 183 fixes, changes and new features, 159 of which we’ve documented in our 4.1 release notes. If you’ve used […]